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Periodontal diseases are infections that can be influenced by risk factors such as smoking, genetics, medications, diabetes and other systemic diseases. Chronic periodontal infections may also increase your risk of developing systemic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

The goals of periodontal therapy are to preserve your natural teeth and to maintain and improve your periodontal health, comfort, function and esthetics. Regenerative procedures, using bone grafts, growth factors, or tissue-stimulating proteins, may also be recommended to reverse damage caused by the progression of periodontal disease. 

A thorough, systematic periodontal examination, including review of your medical and dental history, clinical examination and updated dental x-rays, will help us develop an appropriate treatment plan for you. With the achievement of a beautiful new smile and improved periodontal and systemic health, you will possess the keys to smiling, eating and speaking with comfort and confidence.


Specialized Treatment Options Include:

  • Non-Surgical and Surgical Periodontal Therapy (more info)

    • To control periodontal infection
  • Periodontal Plastic Surgery (more info)

    • To improve the appearance of the gums
  • Soft Tissue Grafting (for gum recession) (more info)

    • Treating teeth with gum recession and root exposure
  • Esthetic Crown Lengthening (for gummy smiles) (more info)

    • To correct the "gummy smile"
  • Periodontal Regeneration Surgery (more info) 
    • Utilizing tissue growth factors and bone grafting
  • Comprehensive Treatment Planning
    • Communication with you, your general dentist and other dental specialists
  • Periodontal Maintenance (more info)

    • Critical for keeping periodontal disease under control.


Informational Links

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